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Nvidia GTX 1080 is The New King!


Source: Forbes

It has been quite some time since Nvidia has graced us with a new 80 series GPU 19 months in fact since the last ones and we got the GTX 1080 in hands, it felt like a momentous occasion. Since Nvidia is building the new 1080 Pascal architecture as one of their most ambitious projects yet saying that it can beat out their flagship Titan X and a pair of GTX980 SLI, I think it is time to see if the GTX 1080 can live up to the hype.


Source: PCWorld

The card GP104 GPU can certainly do a lot of processing with 2560 CUDA cores 1733MHz base clock and a 60 nanometer process which is able to allow them to pack way more transistors on the chip for increased performance and Nvidia also switch to a new type of VRAM called GDDR5X which runs at about 10 gigabits per second Nvidia says that GDDR5X combined with various improvements like memory compression. It ends up being 1.7 times faster in terms of effective memory bandwidth than a GTX 980.



Nvidia crams a 8 gigabytes to the card but if you are more inclined to go for the GTX 1070 when that comes out it also has 8 gigabytes but just more standard GDDR5 thus keep that in mind if you will be disappointed by buying a product that has slightly less X’s on its product sheet but beyond raw specs there were also some features that Nvidia baked into the Pascal such as simultaneous multi projection which allows Pascal project 16 different viewports each with the ability to rotate in order to better match the current display setup that you have and it has the ability to project more than one of these viewports at once.



This enables graphics techniques such as perspective surround which can correct image perspectives across multiple monitors so you do not get that weird warping on multi monitor surround anymore like massive scale issues and stuff that should be fixed.

Then there is an Ansel technology which was introduced to take gaming screenshots to the next level which sounds like the most boring thing possible but it allows you to take screenshots from any angle and position by using a free-floating camera that can be detached from your character it also allows you to run simple filters over these images for that also professional Instagram look. It also allows to take Raw or Exr photos give you a full dynamic range for all your image editing needs. It takes said photos or screenshots in super high resolution which is currently limited to 4.5 gigapixel images with 3600 CUDA stitched tiles. This limitation is because of game settings, the resolution of the game and the speed of your storage drive so it should actually be expected to increase in the future.

Last but not least, you could capture 360 degree photos so you can capture those legendary fight scenes in fabulous unique ways and then view them in VR or whatever. This new king is selling for $699 for founder edition.


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